Know Before you Go

  1.  Always Fly on VATSIM, IVAO or Virtual Skies (only way to find records of flown flights)
  2. Fly using either your initially chosen callsign or the Given Callsign.
  3. Always File a Flight Plan (It would be great if you could in our Flying Club's name in your Remarks as additional Advertising)
  4. Follow ATC Instructions
  5. Follow all rules in the VATSIM Code of Conduct and Rules, IVAO rules and Virtual - Skies rules.
  6. Always have the option selected that says "Aircraft Overstress Causes Damage" and turn crash effects ON unless flying a figher jet.
  7. We have our own ICAO code for flight. The company prefix of LEG (Legend) can be used. Just make sure the number after it is your number in the 'Current Legends' Tab. E.g. Daniel Faulkner will be able to fly as LEG002 or LEG2 whenever he flies online. All callsigns will be Legend and the number (e.g. Chennai Tower, Legend Two taxiing to active runway for aerobatics). [It is advised you put in "Callsign: Legend" as an extra in your flight plan so other controllers know what to call you]. This is only recommended
  8. Be Truthful
  9. Have Fun